Ilera Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 20-22 June 2013: Imagining new employment relations and new solidarities.

Travelling in and around Amsterdam

Public Transport Chip Card

Traveling within Amsterdam is straight-forward and convenient. There is an extensive transport network connecting city districts, and commuters can choose a variety of methods to reach their destination as efficiently as possible. This includes the train, tram, metro, bus and ferry.

To travel in by public transport, you need a Public Transport Chip Card. This is an electronic card with a built-in chip for use on all public transport in Amsterdam including buses, trams and metros. The PT Smart Card (OV-chipkaart) can be topped up with credit in euros, or with a single or season ticket. 
The public transport company (GVB) offers 24 to168 hour tickets (1 - 7 days) that entitle you to unlimited travel through Amsterdam - day and night - by tram, bus and metro, for the number of hours that best suit your plans. These tickets start from just 7 euros.

Most importantly: check in and check out! When you start your journey, hold your card up to the reader until a green light appears. A bleep sound will indicate that your card has been read. If you change to another bus/tram/metro, you have to check out (by scanning your card at the machine again), and check in again at your next stop. If you forget to check out, the card will no longer be valid and you may risk a fine.


  • 1 day - 24 hours € 7.50
  • 2 days - 48 hours € 12.00
  • 3 days - 72 hours € 16.00
  • 4 days - 96 hours € 20.50
  • 5 days - 120 hours € 25.00
  • 6 days - 144 hours € 28.50
  • 7 days - 168 hours € 31.00

Tickets are available at:

  • Driver and conductor (only the day card - 24 hours)
  • Sales & Add Value Machines in metro stations
  • VVV offices (limited selection)
  • Various hotels, camp sites and other organisations (limited selection)
  • GWK offices in Amsterdam and at Schiphol (limited selection)

City card (attractions and public transport card)

The I amsterdam City Card gives you access to many Amsterdam attractation and unlimited access to the city's public transportation system. 

Buy your I amsterdam City Card online:

See for more information the City Card the website of I Amsterdam.


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